Test your internet connection speed


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Because we can

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Go to our W3.CSS Tutorial to learn more!


Go to speedtest.net

Click Change Server

Find YISP B.V.

And click GO!


Standard HTTP

Test with download files from HTTP

10MB 100MB 1000MB 10000MB

For proper testing please use wget

wget -O /dev/null {file URL}


Iperf is a widely used tool for network performance measurement and tuning.

To test download use:

iperf3 -c speedtest.yisp.nl -P 10 -4 -R

To test upload use:

iperf3 -c speedtest.yisp.nl -P 10 -4



This speedtest server is provided by YISP.

It is connected to our network backbone in the Iron Mountain DC in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

It's connected with a dedicated 40Gbit connection to ensure that bandwith is most likely not a bottleneck.


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